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Basket made of bamboo and rattan

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Material: bamboo and rattan


- Small: 36x26xH12
- Middle: 36x26xH16
- Large: 36x26xH31

Lid: 36x26xH3cm (optional)


- Products with meticulous knitting line and modern design are handcrafted from Vietnamese traditional craftsmen.

- Processed in the sun and dried to prevent mold, and termites.

- Beautiful, natural and environment-friendly.

- Suitable for green environment.

Methods of preservation:

- Keep in a cool, dry place.

- Wet products can be dried in the sun.

- Using a damp cloth or brush to remove mold or dust.

- Life expectancy of products depends on the usage and preservation of individual.

- Despite being well treated, the products made of natural materials probably become mouldy if the storing conditions are poor.