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Cay Cay Design

Cay Cay Design

Cay Cay Design is redefining leather creations to ensure that you are in sync with the changing fashion trends. We produce individually hand crafted, alternative leather jewelry and accessories using a bio-fabric.

All of the high quality creations from Cay Cay Design are produced from SCOBY leather; a unique, tough, versatile and alternative to animal leather. SCOBY is a naturally sustainable material, cultivated from a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, forming a cellulose monofibre product. Once dried and conditioned, the texture looks and feels like leather material. It is very strong, can be molded and dyed.

Cay Cay Design products are for the environmentally and socially aware consumer; they are vegan friendly, cruelty free and biodegradable. Cay Cay Design is working towards a better future as they don’t rely on unsustainable practices. Much is happening in our current society, with all the plastic and chemical waste that cannot be properly handled. Cay Cay Design chose an option that is 100% degradable and will help towards the preservation of the environment. An approach towards improving our way of life.

Cay Cay Design uses the same ingredients and recipe to grow our SCOBY leather, but the outcome of the piece is always different. SCOBY leather is a bio textile therefore the color and texture will differ from piece to piece. Your jewelry and accessories will be unique to you.