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Natured Designs

Natured Designs


Natured Designs is a product brand of Villagecraft Planet (VCP) - a Vietnam-based social enterprise whose mission is to advance sustainable and ethical design in support of ethnic minority artisan groups in Vietnam, promoting their socio-economic empowerment while developing a quality brand.

Providing conscientious consumers with a trusted, genuine brand…

We distinguish ourselves by providing an openness and transparency to our business that tells buyers who made their clothes, and backs up our claims with information about how their purchases are making a positive difference.

A practical model for sustainability based on market incentives…

We follow a market and economic incentive approach that empowers local artisan groups, working with them as equal business partners.  After over a decade of experience with sustainable supply chains in Vietnam, we understand that being value-adding (and passing benefits to the artisans) is the best way to ensure environmental sustainability.

We believe that through this approach, and through ensuring superior product quality, discerning customers will feel confident that their purchase is not only directly supporting local communities, but also helping to "mainstream" such an incentive-based approach throughout the supply chain, providing practical long-term solutions to crucial socio-economic and environmental issues.  

How we work…

We work directly with the women’s unions or cooperatives at local levels, buying both finished products and raw materials (hemp, upcycled fabrics) at premium prices that are mutually agreed.  We seek to establish eco-friendly supply chains that promote the use of chemical-free hemp, and other natural ingredients such as indigo dyes and beeswax. Importantly our role is also to provide new market opportunities for such products, passing benefits to producer groups.  We do not work with agents or "middlemen" - only directly with local producer/women's groups.

We understand that as a company we must try to monitor our impacts and benefits. This is why we establish community Charters with all our producer groups, which includes agreed objectives, roles and mutual expectations. We meet with our producer group partners - from Hmong, Dzao, Black Thai and LoLo communities throughout northern Vietnam - regularly to exchange information and discuss a range of topics...from local social and environmental issues, to global trends in textile art and fashion.


Hemp textiles

The design team at Natured Designs and its parent social enterprise company Villagecraft Planet works closely with various hemp-growing villages in northern Vietnam, to promote sustainable textile production and to ensure that these amazing fabrics are recognized for their value and importance.  




Indigo batik

The fine art of indigo and batik stenciling is a resist dye technique practiced among the Hmong, LoLo and other ethnic groups, in which a pattern for batik is drawn onto the cloth with a stenciling tool using bees wax. These unique patterns are typically made up of short, straight lines forming crosses, zig-zags and repeating motifs. The hand-stenciled wax is resistant to the indigo dye, resulting in exquisite motifs, each with their own unique meanings and symbolizing.