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Megumi, who was born in northern Kyoto founded SAPO in 2014. Her love of nature and organic products has been nurtured since her childhood through the fresh produce grown by her grandparents and father, seasonal food from mountains and the ocean in her hometown. She moved to Hoi An, Vietnam in 2009, and she had suffered from skin problems caused by local chemically-based cleaning and washing products for a few years. She began to make and use her own natural soap, which completely eliminated her skin problems. Having acquired an aromatherapy certificate, considerably expanded her knowledge of all the natural ingredients used in SAPO products, Megumi now enjoys sharing their impressive benefits through her own handcrafted range of soap and skincare products.



Nature is our inspiration and we believe that it is the best source of healthy skin. SAPO’s aim is to bring nature back into our daily lives using traditional home-made recipes and methods. Among our products, you will find everything you need for daily skincare. Our soap and skincare range are made of pure vegetable oils, butters, local plant extracts, organic edible ingredients and pure essential oils, which provide powerful benefits but are harmless to the skin for all of your family members, including young children and the elderly. Environment-friendliness and sustainability are also our great concern and we try to use packaging that has minimum environmental impact.