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Stone Carving - Marble Mountains

Stone Carving Village (Marble Mountains) is a gathering place of many arts and unique stone carvings, which is an attractive destination that tourists often visit when traveling in the coastal city of Da Nang.

Geographical location

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village is located at the foot of Marble Mountains, Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city.

History of Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village has a long-term and ancient history, and according to the old artisans in this Rock Village, the Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village existed nearly 200 years ago. The village was formed in the late 18th century, the person who publicly enlightened this craft village was Mr. Huynh Ba Quat – Thanh Hoa.

He settled down at the foot of Marble Mountains, discovering that this was a group of marble mountains that could make many decorative products, so he exploited and brought them to work in his spare time.

Besides farming, whenever he had free time, he took out stone to make, carved into tombstones, manipulated pestle and mortar, crushed medicine, mill, or made lead stones for fishermen. In the region, Mr. Quat’s products were so popular and the number of customers increased significantly.

So it gave him a decent income and he passed it on to the children and acquaintances around the village. They started quarrying and crafting tools and objects for daily life to earn a living, the products they created such as flour mill, pounding rice, and then tombstone sculptures and so on.

Over the years of construction, the stone products here are growing and being widely acknowledged, not only a few more houses but also the whole village of handicraft making.

Stone carving products – Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village

Coming to Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village, you will easily choose the souvenirs of high artistic value, honed by the talented artisans here. You will be completely surprised when you see the delicate and sharp lines of each sculpture in the village, the smooth gloss of the marble layer found only in Marble Mountains.

With many lovely and erotic images of lovers, with the heroic but no less romantic of the lords of the mountains, or the peace, freshness, and purity of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas Slap, each hair brooch of all sizes and shapes, or small, pretty, transparent bracelets.

Each product is made as a result of very meticulous and meticulous labor of the talented artisans of the village. Looking at each drill, chiseled, you can feel their strong passion and love for the work.

Over many generations, the young craft village has always been preserved and developed widely to create products of high artistic value, promoting the beauty of a traditional Vietnamese. Introducing to friends in five continents, so that they can better understand the culture and art of our country and the sincerity and hard-working of the Central people.