Indigo Sky Hoa Binh Batik Indigo Bed & Table Runner

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Beeswax stenciling, "resist dye" batik, and indigo have been the specialty of Hmong textile artisans in Hoa Binh province for generations.  With the Indigo Sky bed and table runner, you can showcase this unique folk art history while adding a dash of authentic ethnic flavor to your home.

This beautiful, yet subtle, runner is designed from hand-stenciled batik, crafted by Hmong artisans in Hoa Binh, using local beeswax and "tram" (indigo) plant…a dyeing process that requires up to 30 separate immersions.

The all-natural indigo dye ensure a deep, organic tone, and will form the ideal complement to your existing bedroom linens, or can be used to accent any table setting or other furniture.  Decorated gently with the symbolic ram's horn motif, signifying wisdom, this 100% handmade runner will add an extra ambiance to any room by day, and extra calm and tranquility by night.


  • Indigo-dyed cotton using hand-stenciled beeswax, resist-dye batik method
  • Fairly sourced from Hmong artisan group in Hoa Binh, Vietnam
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 180cm



Dyed hemp/embroideries:  Dry clean is recommended.  If hand washing, wash separately in cold water.  Do not soak. Gently wring and hang separately with embroideries face up.

Indigo: Dry clean with a professional cleaner experienced with indigo is recommended, particularly for decor items.  For hand washing, wash separately in cold water, gently agitate and then discard the water. Repeat this process a few times.  Do not soak. After washing, gently wring out the garment and then hang separately to dry. Do not use bleach. You may also use a mild solution of cold water and vinegar to further set the dye. 

The use of detergent may cause the loss of texture and density of the Indigo dyed fabric. This may also cause color irregularity to our garments.  If soap must be used, we recommend using a mild detergent such as Woolite.   

While we do the utmost to pre-treat fabrics and embroideries to minimize bleeding, VCP products use a natural coloring that may still be subject to residual bleeding. Do not wash dyed product with other garments.