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The 3D Paper Assemble Model of Ngo Mon Gate - Royal Citadel in Hue City 179 pieces

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- HUE NGO MON GATE 3D Model Assembly Kit is one of Tayta's "best sellers" - and the most sought-after and anticipated design by customers in this new product launch. Along with Phu Van Lau, Ngo Mon Hue has outstanding architectural beauty of the Nguyen Dynasty and is an indispensable symbol of the culture of the ancient capital. The researchers call Ngo Mon the most special historical place because it was the place where the end of the Vietnamese feudal dynasty in 1945. As for Hue lovers, Ngo Mon is a close place, a point of interest. In addition to the ancient and poetic features of Hue with a lot of rain and sunshine, it is the pride and nostalgia of Hue children far from home in particular, and Vietnamese people in general.

- Outstanding feature: you can manually assemble 3D Ngo Mon model in just a few hours, with extremely meticulously designed details, and the model rate is 99% similar. Then use this "giant" Model to display or give as a gift, try it now 
- Dimensions: 46cm x 18cm
- Packing weight: 200g