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Travel Leather Bag

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Travel Leather Bag

Origin: Vietnam

Size: 43cm ( height) x 24cm ( Width) x 27cm ( Lenght)

Usage: Travel bag, backpack, hand baggage

The fixed shoulder strap length can adjust the carrying form.

Material: 100% cow leather

Commitment: We will offer a refund if the actual product is not made of leather and not identical to product photographs.

Color: Pale yellow

(The 100% product image taken with the real product, due to the ambient light and the resolution display is the reason why the color of the bag is darker or lighter than the outside)

Weight: 1,5 Kg

High quality cowhide travel bag, drum type. Classic neutral pale yellow color is easy to coordinate and convenient, suitable for long trips. Spacious storage compartment holds 6 suits, and loads of personal items. The bag with hook and buckle is a very solid antique copper-plated alloy.

The product is sewn with the back of the backpack so that it can be handy when going away or running a motorbike.
A spacious main compartment for clothes and loads of accessories for traveling accessories.
The 370 wire travel bag is sure to be used for a long time